Using beard oil

Using beard oil

It is not necessary to have a long, thick beard to enjoy all the benefits of beard oil. Even week-long stubble is able to actively absorb all the essential fatty acids and vitamins, becoming softer and not as prickly. What is beard oil beneficial for? Not only does it benefit the facial skin it also stimulates hair follicles, so that new hair growth is healthy and shiny.

Many men trying to grow a beard are faced with a common problem:  as soon as the bristles grow long enough to start resembling a beard, the itching becomes intolerable enough to want to shave the beard off! Pushing through the itch is worth it, as a luscious beard is the reward. The best solution for the itch is to moisturize the irritated skin with nourishing beard oil, whose natural ingredients will soften the bristles, enrich them with fatty acids, and sooth the skin.
Regular use of beard oil also helps with unruly beard hairs. Beard hair is very different from the hair on the head; it is more coarse and, without help of care products, will not grow smoothly and attractively. That is why it is so important to nourish the beard with the help of beard oil, which penetrates deep into the hairs and improves their appearance. Rough, thick beards require more frequent moisturization with thicker oils that can nourish the hair for a longer period of time.
An unkempt beard can be compared to a dry sponge that has shrunk and halved in size due to insufficient moisturization. Maintaining a sufficient level of hydration within the beard hair ensures adequate nourishment of the hair follicles and, therefore, healthy hair growth. This can be easily achieved with a beard oil set.
If you are thinking of introducing beard oil into your daily beard care routine, please follow the following steps:
Step 1:
Drip 5-10 drops of oil into the palm of your hand.
This amount varies, depending on the length and thickness of the beard. To determine the requisite amount, the following guide might help:
The beard is grown for less than a month: 3-4 drops of oil
The beard is grown for 1-3 months: 4-6 drops of oil
The beard is grown for 3-12 months: 6-10 drops of oil
The beard is over a year old: 10+ drops of oil (increase as necessary to cover the entire length of hair)
Step 2:
Rub the oil between the palms, spreading it evenly. Body heat will warm up the oil, making it easier to be absorbed into beard hair.
Step 3:
Apply the oil from the bottom up, starting from the neck, against the direction of growth. Make sure the fingers are spread wide, so that beard hair can pass between them, and the oil can be applied evenly. Press fingertips inward, to apply the oil to skin under the hair.
Step 4:
Repeat the process in the opposite direction, going along the direction of hair growth. This ensures full coverage of the entire beard, including the spots that might have been missed on the previous pass.
Step 5:
Smooth down any stray hairs, pressing down gently, and style the beard into a desired shape.  This will keep the beard looking neat and refined all day long.
Always keep the beard oil in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight. Proper storage ensures the oil will retain its active properties.
Now that you know how to use beard oil properly, it is time to choose one to try. As a reward for reading this article to the end, enjoy a 5% discount on a purchase of any beard oil. Please use promo code GENTLEMAN at checkout.

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