About us

Founded in 2009 HiLée Bio-Cosmetics researches, creates, and works towards improving our clients’ quality of life and vivacity with its broad range of advanced skin care products based on natural ingredients.

We understand our clients’ wish for excellence and recognize each person's need for constant renewal, while stringently maintaining health and aesthetic values. We believe that our body and skin are gifts that nature bestowed into our care. We’re here to assist you, our clients, to care for and reinvigorate them.

HiLée Bio-Cosmetics products replenish the skin's vitality, pliability and glow, and nurture problem areas that we develop as part of the life cycle. We believe that only by reinforcing nature it is possible to rehabilitate the inevitable changes brought on by time. That is why our products are based on concentrated organic plant essences, which are both potent and highly efficacious. Active ingredients in our range of products nurture skin cells and replenish vitality.

The secret of HiLée Bio-Cosmetics success lies in the careful balance of essences. We discovered and perfected this recipe through lengthy research with the assistance of leading scientists, to imbue our products with the optimal formula. Wanting to provide our clients with nature’s own wonders, we constantly seek to uncover its secrets, whether in floral essences, young buds, robust tree bark, roots buried in the earth, healing herbs found on mountain slopes, and in rich marine plant life.

Our clients enjoy web-based global service and an easy purchase experience in multiple languages, with international delivery to the USA, Russia, Germany, Italy, Japan, Australia, and many other locations. We want you to enjoy safe, simple usage.

Our products come in dispensers with sterile vacuum closure ensures top quality and purity of our essences and care products. We are committed to uncompromising product quality, by upholding the highest international standards. Our development laboratories and production equipment are strictly supervised to maintain these standards, and ensure our clients' safe usage of the highest quality products that truly bring change. With HiLée Bio-Cosmetics products, nature rejuvenates your beauty.