How to grow a gorgeous beard – Tips for the modern bearded man

How to grow a gorgeous beard – Tips for the modern bearded man

The end goal is clear: every man wants a thick, well-groomed, good-looking beard. But getting to achieve that end result is very tricky. There is so much information and advice out there, that it gets confusing.

And, once the beard starts growing in, which products should be used: all of them, none at all, or only some of them? Is it sufficient to use only beard oil, or just the beard shampoo? Will beard oil work better if combined with the beard balm?

Firstly, it is pointless to try and determine which product is the best. Comparison is impossible, as each product has its own specific purpose.

What is beard oil?

The primary purpose of the beard oil is to make the beard healthy and good-looking. The oil nourishes the beard hair and the skin underneath, and is suitable for beards and stubble of any length.

Effects of the beard oil:

- Softens the beard hair and makes it shiny

- Nourishes the hair and enriches it with vital nutrients to make it stronger

- Speeds up hair growth

Owners of long beards may notice that their beard hair is dry and brittle, and does not grow very well. That is due to hair being so long that it requires supplemental vitamins and nutrition for continued health. Beard oil can help, and is a fast-acting solution to help maintain hair length and beard beauty.

For those wishing to grow a beard and having trouble with the task, beard oil can help with that, as well. By making beard hair stronger, beard oil can make the beard thicker. That said, do not expect a miracle; beard oil works with what is already there. No beard-growing products can help regrow the hair in the bald spot, if there are an insufficient number of hair follicles (sorry!).

What is beard balm?

The primary purpose of the beard balm is to shape the beard. Containing beeswax and carnauba wax, the balm helps smooth down stray hairs, and mold the beard into shape.

Effects of beard balm:

- A light hold on the shaped beard that lasts all day

- Nourishment of the hair with oils in the composition

What does beard shampoo do?

Many bearded men come to realise that using regular shampoo, shower gel, or a facial cleanser to cleanse the beard might have unpleasant consequences. For the most part, they all cause extremely dry skin under the beard growth, often accompanied by itchiness and flaking.

That is why HiLée developed a special ultra-soft shampoo for washing beard hair. It gently cleanses the hair, making it softer and more pliant, and deeply moisturises the skin underneath. The end result is healthy, shiny hair that is easier to shape.

How to pick the right product(s)?

All these products can be used together or separately. It is important to remember, however, that if, for whatever reason, the beard is not looking too healthy and starts resembling a haystack, with brittle hairs sticking out in all directions, trying to shape it is useless. Fighting the misbehaving beard might do more harm than good. Start with the repair process, instead.

Our recommendation for the mornings is to use Ultra-Soft Beard Shampoo, following with Noise or Gentleman beard oil for nutrition and healthy shine, and using the beard balm for the finishing touches and shape.

In the evenings, use Ultra-Soft Beard Shampoo and beard oil. Regular use of beard oil will make the beard soft, healthy, and well-groomed.

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