Gifts For Men - Gift Ideas For Men

Gifts For Men - Gift Ideas For Men

Finding great gifts for men is not as challenging as finding those for women. Follow the rules below, and you will never have any problems with gifts for men.

Rule #1:

If you are unsure what to give him, buy him a cordless drill. It doesn't matter if he already has one – someone I know has seventeen of them – it will still bring him joy. For a man, it is impossible to have too many cordless drills, although nobody knows quite why he would need so many.

Rule #2:

If you cannot find a cordless drill, find him something that needs to be plugged in, preferably requiring a special transformer and/or adapter. Men love saying, 'Hey, Tom, can I borrow your transformer with that adapter for a few days?' 'No problem! Could I have that special one of yours in return, the one with the prongs and the thing?' Again, it is a mystery why men love those, but the fact that they do makes it easier to find them gifts.

Rule #3:

If you are really crazy about him, give him something for his car: a fancy ice scraper, or a bottle of anti-freeze, or something to hang off the rear-view mirror. Men love car-related gifts. And again, nobody can figure out why.

Rule #4:

Do not buy him socks. Do not buy him underwear. And for the love of all that is holy, do NOT buy him a bathrobe, unless you want him wearing it around the house all the time, having learnt that neat little trick from silly movies.

Rules #5:

Buy him a new TV remote, to replace the completely worn out old one. If you have the money, buy him a brand new TV, with a giant screen and 'picture in picture' function. That is, if you want to see him wild-eyed, staring blankly at the screen, and click-click-clicking away.

Rule #6:

Do NOT buy him hard liquor in fancy bottles. Otherwise, he'll disappear into the home bar for the next twenty years.

Rule #7:

Do not buy him those deodorants and/or after-shave lotions that come in spray cans. It's not that they stink... but they don't smell right.

Rule #8:

If your man is growing out a beard, get him a beard care set with a beard shampoo, beard oil, styling balm, and a special beard comb. He will enjoy your thoughtfulness, and you will enjoy the fact his beard is no longer prickly and scratchy.

Rule #9:

If your beloved is over the age of 30, and enjoys using after-shave creams or lotions, buy him an anti-aging skin care set that includes a lifting serum and eye cream.

Rule #10:

Please do not get him anything that says, 'Easy assembly required.' It will ruin his holiday, because it is never 'easy' assembly, and he doesn't ever really want to assemble it himself, anyway.

Rule #11:

Men love danger. That is why they never boil or steam things; they always fry and grill and broil. Give him a grill the size of a rhino, attached to a two-ton propane tank, and he will be ecstatic – even if he manages to avoid explosions. And this one, everyone knows why.

Ultimately, the decision is up to you. But we recommend men care products from HiLée.

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