Anti-aging complex for men

Anti-aging complex for men

HiLée Anti-Aging Brand for Men was developed with the help of new technology, on the basis of natural active ingredients. We created compound bio-complexes that have a revitalizing effect on the skin, and are suitable for almost all men, regardless of age.

When using the HiLée Lifting Serum, an interaction between the epidermis and the membrane vesicles takes place, and the restoration of the damage occurs at the molecular level. HiLée Lifting Serum was designed specifically for men to make the skin more elastic, its texture smoother, and its colour more even and glowing.

At the heart of the serum is an amino acid complex and natural organic extracts, such as DUNALIELLA EXTRACT, LITHOSPERMUM OFFICINALE EXTRACT, CUCUMBER (CUCUMIS SATIVUS) EXTRACT, ACANTHOPANAX SENTICOSUS (ELEUTHERO GINSENG) ROOT EXTRACT, SILICA, CAMELLIA SINENSIS EXTRACT, as well as vitamin E that deeply moisturizes the skin, AHA (alpha hydroxy acids) that improve the complexion and smooth fine wrinkles, vitamins A and B that slow down the action of free radicals, and others.

This anti-aging complex easily penetrates dense male skin and is immediately absorbed without leaving a greasy film. The serum has a relaxing effect, creating a feeling of comfort for over 24 hours.

HiLée Lifting Serum creates an invisible protective film over the surface of the skin, which helps the skin retain moisture. A large number of vitamins and micro-elements involved in the regulation of lymph and blood flow can smooth wrinkles, improve elasticity and firmness of the skin, soften it after shaving, and protect it from external influences.

There are many reasons that lead to the necessity of having men's anti-aging products, such as metabolic disorders caused by physiological factors and negative environmental impacts. Poor habits, such as alcohol abuse and smoking in particular, are sure to leave their unattractive mark on skin.

It is universally understood that men's skin is equally as susceptible to the aging process as the women's. It is a physiological process that we cannot evade or hide from. And yet, it is something that we have power over. The aging process can be slowed down using specific means against wrinkles and sagging skin. It is possible to help the body rejuvenate the cells of the epidermis, strengthen them, and imbue them with renewed beauty. The only requirements are the right tools, and the understanding of the specificities of and differences between the skin characteristics of either sex.