Essential Beard Kit

  • The beard kit includes: Ultra Soft Beard Shampoo and beard balm.
    A simple, ready-made solution either for a bearded man or a soon-to-be-bearded man, this set contains the basic requisites of beard maintenance.
    Ultra Soft Beard Shampoo gently cleanses, softens, and moisturizes facial hair, and its convenient packaging makes it travel-friendly.
    The beard balm helps smooth down unruly stray hairs. Made with organic botanical oils and all-natural ingredients, this beard balm helps style facial hair, nourishes the beard, and smells great!
  • Massage Ultra Soft Beard Shampoo into wet facial and neck hair. Rinse well and towel-dry the beard. Scoop a pea-sized amount of the beard balm, rubbing it between the palms until it melts, and immediately apply to the beard and the skin underneath, using circular motions.

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