Daily Beard Kit

  • The beard kit includes: Ultra Soft Beard Shampoo, beard balm, and beard comb.
    Containing the necessities of beard maintenance, our Daily Beard kit includes products designed to simplify daily beard care routine.
    Ultra Soft Beard Shampoo, specifically developed for beard aficionados, gently cleanses and nourishes facial hair without over-drying, making hair soft and glossy. The shampoo is suitable for sensitive skin and all hair types.
    The beard balm, made with natural and organic ingredients, has a light, fresh scent. It is an essential maintenance product for any bearded man, as it helps style the beard, and maintains its shape all day long.
    Our HiLée Beard Brand beard comb is made from the tree of the genus Guaiacum, whose wood is very hard and very dense, and is intended specifically for beard hair. It is a great asset in daily facial hair care, and for shaping the beard.
  • Massage Ultra Soft Beard Shampoo into wet facial and neck hair. Rinse well and towel-dry the beard. Scoop a pea-sized amount of the beard balm, rubbing it between the palms until it melts, and immediately apply to the beard and the skin underneath, using circular motions. Use the comb to style and shape the beard.

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Recommended for beard beginners, this classic kit contains two basic beard care products: beard balm and beard oil. GENTLEMAN oil is a powerful moisturizer formulated for coarse hair; it softens the bristles and nourishes the skin. VOX beard balm offers a strong, day-long hold and ensures unruly hairs behave. Both products make the beard hairs soft, pliant, and subtly fragranced.
Recommended for any bearded or soon-to-be bearded man, this ready-made solution contains ULTRA SOFT ELITE BEARD SHAMPOO and FUSS beard balm. The shampoo, developed for unruly beard hair, is enriched with apple amino acids, gently cleanses the beard and makes the hair soft and glossy. An excellent moisturizer, it's suitable for all skin and hair types. The beard balm, made with all-natural ingredients and organic botanical oils, nourishes the beard, smooths down unruly hairs, and provides a light hold.