Round Anti-Static and Hypo-Allerganic Wood Comb

  • A beard comb plays a significant role in beard growth, and is especially important for men with big beards. Intended specifically for beard hair, our HiLée Beard Brand comb is made from the tree of the genus Guaiacum, known for its very hard and very dense wood, and is a great asset in daily facial hair care.

    Though a beard has always been the sign of virility and strength, recently, it also became a fashion accessory of the stylish. Growing out a beard, however, takes more than just not shaving: a beard requires meticulous care, and use of beard growth products and specialized accessories. A beard should have shape, a well-maintained and refined look, and it needs to be trimmed and styled, the same as head hair. If a beard is not combed daily, finer neck hair gets tangled together, and requires removal. And this is where our best beard comb comes in.

    For those just starting to grow a beard, this beard comb is also available as part of our HiLée Beard Brand men's grooming kit, which includes all the necessities of beginners' beard care.
  • A beard should be combed at least twice a day, for at least three minutes at a time. It should be combed in all the directions, so as not only to smooth the hairs, but also to massage the skin underneath and improve circulation to help hair grow evenly. Consequently, even those with short stubble should own a beard comb. Finish the routine by combing in the direction of hair growth, to 'train' the hair to grow in the direction it should. Beard oils, balms, or waxes can be used after combing, and are especially recommended to be used in the mornings.

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