Beard Balm Fuss

  • HiLée beard balm Fuss is an indispensable tool for styling the beard. It softens the beard, helps tame coarse and unruly hairs, and fights split ends, while its enriched blend of vitamins and minerals nourishes hair follicles and skin. The balm helps manage and shape the beard, gives it luster and a pleasant fragrance. The combination of natural butters and oils makes the beard soft and pliant, while high content of beeswax maintains the shape. Unlike beard butter, beard balm is more effective at fixing beard hair firmly in place.

    Use the beard balm after washing the beard with beard shampoo and applying beard oil. Beard balm Fuss is part of our HiLée Beard Brand line of best beard products. Use the beard balm by itself or in combination with other beard grooming products in one of our Beard Kits.

  • Wash and towel dry your beard. Scoop a pea-sized amount Of the balm with your fingertips, then comb through the beard.
  • HiLée Beard Balm softens the beard, helps tame coarse and unruly hairs, and fights split ends.

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