Choose your perfect cologne from a set of modern and refreshing fragrances. Each cologne has its own special style and you can choose the scent that suits the mood. Tease has a light, refreshing aroma, Hunt offers citrus notes, Lord presents a dominant bouquet, and Gentleman has sweet notes for a charismatic character.
For a bold man who appreciates individuality, GENTLEMAN cologne embodies seduction, sexuality, and a balance of freshness and intensity. Created for the modern man; contains oriental, woody notes.
For a strong, independent man, HUNT cologne's woody notes bring a sense of individuality and control of his own destiny.

A combination of warmth, daring, and virility, LOD cologne is formulated to conquer people's hearts. It is a sensual and noble scent.
A refreshing, radiant, stimulating scent, TEASE cologne is for the new generation of energetic, bold men. Contains floral, woody, musky notes and is an elixir of seduction and passion.